Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Embarking upon a Creative Year

Welcome to my very first post EVER! Though I am new to blogging in it's official form, I have done a more prehistoric version which is essentially the same, and look forward to writing about my current project.

The Sweater Project is about making something creative and fresh with the multitude of fulled...or felted...sweaters that I have begun to accumulate. Part of the reason for this is to recycle perfectly good sweaters that have been delegated to the thrift stores, or those sweaters that have been prematurely shrunk in the wash!  Oh, so sad. They are now too small and they are usually among our favorites. How does that happen?! But I digress...

My motivation for doing this came from my discovery of the book by Noah Scalin, 365: A Daily Creativity Journal. A post on brought my attention to the book. I decided that I must have it, and the rest is history. I felt that I needed some inspiration, even perhaps a small fire lit under me to get me moving on some sewing projects. I overthink things at times, and though I have had many wonderful and brilliant ideas for things to create, they have just been residing in my mind. Other things take precedent, and life goes on whether or not the time is put aside for these important creative ventures. Noah Scalin has jump started me into a 365 mindset, and I'm ready to enter my upcoming days with more creativity and inspiration. Thank you, Noah!

                                                      Day 1 of The Sweater Project:
A simple start. The project was to cut a long strip from a rectangular sweater piece. To create ONE long strip instead of lots of little pieces, I needed to do something odd at each side of the straight edge, so instead of trying to describe it...a picture is worth a thousand words:

                                  Here you can see the measuring stick for a little perspective:

                               And the final simplicity of the LONG strip rolled up into a ball:

I plan to use this in a future project, but I am now enjoying it as it sits next to my computer. The Sweater Ball's job is to continue inspiring me...a little reminder of what The Sweater Project is all about.

A Happy Day to You!

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