Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Magic Mouse: Day 8

A New Project Once Again!

How about mice? They seem a good subject for today.
And since I am on a gray kick, it does appear to be appropriate and possibly necessary to keep up my addiction with this color.

Speaking of Magic Mouse, I am not referring to today's project, and was not trying to mislead you in any way, though in reality I am doing so. For Christmas my family, my 2 sons and my Daughter-In-Law, gave me a MOUSE.
It isn't gray.
 It isn't soft.
It isn't cute with sparkly eyes and a pink nose.
It isn't looking for cheese...
and I'm glad because it is my new Apple Computer Magic Mouse!
It is wireless.
It is sleek.
It is creamy white with the Apple logo.
It is very high-tech: that silvery matte finish on the underside.

I really needed it.
The last one, the non-wireless variety was on it's last legs, barely able to scroll down, let alone scroll right, left or whatever direction. The poor thing needed to be put down. So very sad.

But now I have the new one. I am working at getting to understand how to use it. Just opened the package today with time to read instructions...but not every word!! Those things are so difficult to understand. The best way is to play with it and see what happens...
just like doing these Sweater Projects. (I'm trying to get back to my focus here. Forgive me for going out on one of my tangents, but I am so happy to have Computer Mouse.)

Thank you Family :-]
I love you!

Happy Magic Mouse just out of it's box.

OK, OK I'll get back to the project at hand. I didn't really take you on a wild goose chase because my project for today was a Sweater Mouse.

Far Left: paper pattern piece.
Middle 3 Teardrops: cut sweater pieces.
Long Gray Piece: sweater seam to be used for tail.

Photo's a little fuzzy, but you can see the stuffing before I close the seam.
I think his ears are his most endearing part...I almost forgot to give them to him!

Computer Mouse and Sweater Mouse getting to know each other.

Thank you for indulging me today with my small bit of sidetracking. Happy computering, and I hope you have a fully functioning high-tech mouse to keep your keyboard warm and cozy.


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  1. Hi Mom!

    I finally have a chance to comment on your Magic Mouse post, which I did indeed read last week when you sent me the link. I'm glad it's working out for you, and that it has a little fuzzy friend to keep it company.