Sunday, January 30, 2011

Twelve Days and Counting: 12/365

Morphing Again

Today marked a very good crafting day. The needle book that I was planning and which got too thick for it's own good magically transformed into something new. It now became the pincushion which I believe I had thought about at the end of yesterday's labors. The thoughts of what to do with my Too Fat Needle Book had been percolating in my mind since last night, and I guess that it proved fruitful because today when I began my project again it almost created itself. The brilliant (again, my word!) idea had edged itself into today's work while I slept. 

It did, in fact, become a pincushion. A design I had never thought of or seen before, but I love it and it was really quite easy to do. Just the idea part took the longest to determine.

Ingredients For This Project:

1 small section, red sweater
1 small section, white sweater
1 small section, gray sweater
Pink embroidery thread
Pink 1/8" wide ribbon
Ribbon Needle

All hearts gathered together.
(Pink heart is the paper pattern.)

Hearts sandwiched together.
Sorry about the fuzziness! (Picture quality, not sweater softness...sweater fuzziness is a good thing.)

Now the white hearts no longer have pills.
They wanted to pose with the "Lint Eater".

Stitching together the layers.

I was planning to stuff the pincushion rather than use the layers, but the extra hearts gave it the body it needed and that seemed just right. Also didn't want to enclose them, so the open-side design was born.

The finished product...just a few stitches to secure the hearts.  The long threads may need to be trimmed. I put the ribbon at the top with a loop to hang it when not in use. A pincushion art piece!


Here's the back. Why is that last gray heart flapping open?
Well, I couldn't help myself. I sneaked in a secret needle pocket.

Bottom view with last heart closed...

...but now I can put my needles and a few decorative pins inside.
I'm happy.

And here, the finished front with some "starter" pins.

I am happy to have completed this project!

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