Monday, June 27, 2011

Bee Eyes & Mouth!: Day 158

Some Of The Details Are In :-]

It is so hot here that Honey Bee and I can't think or work very fast today.
At least HB has his eyes and mouth this afternoon!


Two scraps of sweater and two buttons with blue thread...

...make funny, expressive eyes.
And orange floss French knots seemed a nice touch for a mouth.
Amazing what can be done even just with access to the surface of my already stuffed Bee. (Referring to the cart-before-the-horse comment from last night!)

He has a questioning look on his face which matches mine, saying "When is it going to COOL OFF here?" Well, it's Summer, so the answer to that will likely be MUCH LATER!!!

See you tomorrow for more of Honey Bee's construction.

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