Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Zipper Pouch Completed: Day 146

A Zipper Wristlet
For Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Here is an introduction to the reality of my fabrications! I decided to let you in on one of the keys to imagination and creativity...

Some Amount of Messiness!

Here is proof:

Tonight I am at my office desk. I have moved things to make room for my Zipper Project.

I wanted to sit by my open window and breathe in the great, fresh air from a Wonderful Spring Day. For this reason I am not in my sewing room, as is my usual procedure. 

(Or balancing everything on my lap so I can watch TV while I stitch.) 
Mind you, my sewing room is way more "creative" than my desk as you see it here. I can't show you my sewing area or I will have to quit blogging and do something else for my evening full time job. It (the sewing room) is quite more imaginative, if you will.

Perhaps I will get braver and at some point share that with you...but not yet!

Anyway, this is my set up for tonight.
Counterclockwise from Middle Left:
(I am assuming you want to know what all of this is...)
1-The corner of my box of embroidery floss
3-Needle Book
4-Sweater Sleeve Pincushion
5-A few desk items (paperclips,stapler, etc)
6-Black floss
7-Striped Sweater seam
8-Almost finished (!) Zipper Pouch

Katzenberg carefully pawing the floss.

Assistant Number 2--getting into the act as well.

The work at hand:
Making my way around the pouch with another of my love interests...
The Blanket Stitch
(Check out that link for great instructions from futuregirl.)

And speaking of my love interests...
 just as an aside: My Favorite Knot is listed on my blog site now everyday for your perusal; look at my "Favorite Links" in the lower right hand column.

The finished zipper side.

It is still zipping and unzipping. Small things make me very happy. Well, not really so small. Since this pouch has now had TWO zippers installed in it (with lessons learned), it's really not such a small deal.
But it looks good now, and I am happy.

Now: A Zipper Wristlet!
I added a seam from this same sweater for the  handle, so it is officially a Wristlet.

May you have a Cozy Wristlet in your life to carry around those little necessities of life.

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