Thursday, June 9, 2011

Funky Necklace: Day 141

A Ball Of Sweater Strip "Yarn"
And My Crochet Hook

This is something really out of the blue and lots of fun.
For this project I used the ball of that long strip I cut from a sweater on my 

Here is that very same ball.

Crocheting is going well.
This is a very relaxing thing to do on a lazy day.

This hook belonged to my Great Aunt Lella.
It doesn't have a number/size noted on it, so I am giving you some perspective with the ruler.

Hook width--about 3/8".

This is a section of the long strip I had cut on January 19, 2011!
You can see the little tags.
These are the result of the edge of the sweater where I had to backtrack with my scissors in order not to cut short strips. (See blog HERE for details.)

The full ball of yarn has been crocheted and tied at the ends.
Doubled, it's about 1 yard long.

Hard to see the details and the actual stitches since the sweater strip is black. :-/

This could be circled around on itself for an interesting addition to your style for the day.

I am pondering the idea of giving my Funky Necklace some adornment/s, but will need time to figure how this might work.
Tune in tomorrow.
 I may have some more surprises.

Best to You!


  1. That is pretty cool. I am enjoying all your projects :)

  2. Thanks, Tina!
    I'm always glad to hear feedback, and have visitors. :-]
    It was quite fun crocheting with this "yarn".