Monday, June 6, 2011

Another Critter: Day 138

Project Decisions Difficult Tonight!

I was really having trouble making up my mind about what to make. Starting late doesn't help, but I had thought of something that I want to make eventually, but it just didn't fit somehow.

Here is my Final Decision:

Though I love sweater seams...and I played around with making something with them...

...I finally came down to a project using these 2 sweater pieces.

Dark piece rolled up on itself.

The colorful piece, trimmed slightly, and ready to be stitched to the roll.

Another opportunity to make one of my favorite knots!
(I just can't let it go, folks! HERE is the tutorial in case you missed it the first time.)
Like I said a few days ago, this will put you in Knot Heaven. :-]

Here is my Little Critter, an endearing Snail.
He is ready to go out in the world on many adventures with his thready knotted eyes...

...and his special red floss underneath.
He is of the species red.dotted.line.icus.
(My imagination goes wild at times.)

Here he is making his way across my cutting board.
Don't worry, I won't let him fall or get into any difficult situations.

See you again tomorrow.

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