Monday, June 20, 2011

Button Storage: Day 152

A Make-Up Day

As you recall, my camera took a day off yesterday. Now we are back on track, Camera and I, so here goes the Catching-Up-For-Lost-Time-Blog...and of course a project for today, too!

Yesterday the project was inspired by a tutorial of Martha Stewart's called
The idea is to cover containers (jam jars, etc) for your crafting supplies so they will look great and be aesthetically pleasing, being more than just a Plain Jane container. Her version calls for woven fabric.

My version, OF COURSE, must be Felted Sweater Fabric.
And my story of the tutorial is as follows:

For the pattern, draw around the lid you want to cover, then allow for an additional  amount to lop over the edges. I used a baby food jar for my project, but you may cover any lidded jar with this technique.
 I couldn't keep a photographic record of the process for you, but I took photos today of the outcome.

The next step was to choose the fabric and cut it out. Pretty straightforward.

"Is the glue the same as your previous project, the Sweater Rose?," you ask.
YES! :-]
I spread the glue on the lid, then placed the lid in the center of the blue sweater circle. Before covering the edges of the lid with the overlapping fabric I cut from the outside edge of the circle every 1" so the fabric would lap over itself and lay flat on the lip of the lid.
Once that was done and the overlap adhering nicely to the lip, I cut around the edge to remove the excess. (You can see the cut off pieces here.) Now the jar lid is fully covered.

I stitched a button to the blue circle before I glued it.

The orange buttons in this jar are so cool...just had to show you!

Now it's THE NEXT DAY, Monday, June 20!
My project for today:

This has also been inspired by Martha's Decorative Jar Lids, but I am now off on a bit of a tangent.
Here is a plastic box that contained a pincushion that I purchased a while back. Couldn't bring myself to throw it away. I'm such a fanatic re-user of things, and can't stand to waste anything that might be of use in the future...however far distant that might be. :-/ Eeeeekkk!

I wanted to cover this label. I measured the label and drew a circle with my compass for the pattern.
Actually I tore as much of the label off as I could so there would be less space for the box embellishment and more space for the contents to show.

A button stitched to the circle...a little fuzzy, sorry.

Glopping the YES! glue to the sweater piece.
This was quite the tricky and fuzzy mess trying to keep from sticking everything to my hands and fingers before putting it where I really wanted it.
Success...the blue circle has found its home on the plastic box. And my white buttons have a new home where I can see them and get some inspiration for future projects. The good thing is that there is plenty of room for more White Buttons. I haven't yet rounded up all of them in my sewing area.

And here is my Happy Button Container on the shelf.
Some of my treasured toys are admiring it.

Tuesday is almost here. Have a good one!

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