Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Celebratory Day: 150 Days...and Counting!

I'm Making A Cake Today
For Saturday, June 18, 2011

Well, really just making a Piece of Cake. :-]

Today is a Landmark Day. I have worked projects now for 150 Days.
Let's Celebrate!

The Recipe I'm using is for 
If you haven't heard of this, now is the time to try it.
My friend Pamela made this cake and offered me a piece on Thursday...
Heaven on Earth! Thank you, Pamela.

The cake is most delicious. Eco-friendly to hummingbirds since there are NO hummingbirds in the cake.
When I first heard the name of this cake my mind conjured up an idea that when the cake was first made it was put outside on the table awaiting the party guests who would be arriving to eat cake. But before they arrived the cake was surrounded by hummingbirds who were so attracted to the sweetness that they couldn't resist but to taste it.
How do you think the name was initiated? 
It seems that there are conflicting stories. Google it Right Here! and you will see.

Here is My Piece of Cake:

The Batter!

Lambswool, 94%
Nylon, 5%
Spandex, 1%
The Icing!

Lambswool, 70%
Angora Rabbit's Hair, 20%
Nylon, 10%

Paper patterns for the cake and the icing.

Time to get out the scissors.

In order that my cake has straight sides instead of bulges I am going to stitch the cut sides to make it square. (The pins indicate the corners of the piece of cake.)

Choosing a floss color to match the batter.

Ready to sew the first side.

A miniscule blanket stitch to form the edges. All sides are complete here.

Now I have a nice square cake. Empty calories!!! Did you notice?  ;-]

Cutting up some pecan pieces!

What a delicious looking piece of Hummingbird Cake.
The chopped pecans add flavor as well as a pleasing appearance to the icing.

My Piece of Cake won't last long looking so yummy!

Help me celebrate by making a REAL Hummingbird Cake.
Paula Deen has a Great Recipe HERE.

Happy Father's Day to you.
Enjoy your family!

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