Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scrapping The Dust Mitt :-/: Day 140

Trouble...Right Here In River City!
For Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Well, I really tried to make this what it was initially meant to be--the Dusting Mitt--, but alas, some things must change.

My needle with the sweater strip threaded and ready to add to the mitt.

Two yellow strips added to the mitt.

These were then tied.

Adding the next strip.

My bodkin as an alternative to the tapestry needle.

This is the tip of the bodkin.
You can see the hook and the little lever.
As you pull the chosen material through the fabric with this tool, the lever closes to keep the material in tow so it will show up where you want it on the other side.

After using all these tools:
(Left to right)
stainless tapestry needle
plastic tapestry needle with really large eye
crochet hook

...I decided that the health of my wrist is more important than any dust mitt. No need to instigate a painful carpal tunnel syndrome for this project. (And it was getting to that point!) Each of these tools was inefficient to pull the strips through the mitt. I tugged my little heart out, as well as making my hand and fingers sore just with the few strips that I managed to complete!!!

This is as far as I got when I made the decision to scrap the mitt and make something else out of it.

Here is my Hand Puppet.
Somewhat googly eyes, clown nose, and funny smile.

Just 2 unmatched buttons stitched on top of hand cut sweater pieces.
A needle-felted ball for a nose.
A strip of the yellow sweater for a mouth.
Easy to do!

"You mean I was going to be a housekeeping tool!?"

"You've got to be kidding!"

"I guess I can deal with it. I'm so lovable, and you made ME instead of something else." :-]

And that's the story of the Dusting Mitt.
(Another time, perhaps.)

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  1. That looks like something the Little Man would like.