Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Purse Thoughts: Day 14

The Purse Saga Continues

I needed to make some decisions about how to progress with this gathered purse that I am now making. The long strap piece that I had cut from the sleeve yesterday is not really working out as I would like. To make it viable and neatly closed on the edge it would take a great deal of hand stitching. Either that or I would need to machine stitch the edge and turn it. Turning would pose some difficult bumps in the road because there are many lumpy spots where there are the underarm seams of the sleeve. Anyway I'm going to go another direction. A few weeks ago I made some cords with felted sweaters that I think I can use for the drawstring to close the purse. 

Photos to make all of this more clear:

These are the cords I made. Yesterday's pink sweater-ribbing bound buttonhole sample is here to show the cord threaded through it as it would be on the purse. 

You may be seeeing that wonderful pink plaid skirt sooner than I thought.
It wouuld make a nice lining for the purse. There is a cocoa brown section in the weave that looks like it belongs.

My assistant looking very sophisticated. (He is trying to convince me to advance his position to Assistant Supervisor!)

To prepare the skirt for being lining for the purse I was very brave:
I removed the skirt lining.
It is getting easier...the surgery part.

More to come tomorrow. 

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