Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 21: The Three-Week Mark!...Arm Warmers

A Very Good Day:
Another Project.
I Promised Good Things From All That Thinking...

Not wanting to disappoint you, I have now one more item that was thought up, started, AND completed in the same day. Such results I couldn't have dreamed yesterday as I was faltering a bit, being so tired and worn down. Amazing though it may seem (especially to me) I actually began and finished a project. Not just during the course of the day, but only in 1 hour this evening (not counting photos and writing the blog). I am happy. And as I now am clicking away on my keyboard I am wearing what I made.
Lucky Me!

I got so excited that these were progressing fast that I forgot to photograph the process as I usually do. But I have some to share, nevertheless.

Here is the sweater.

You may remember this sweater as it was the donor for the buttonhole pieces for the purse.

Sweater surgery once again. Excising the sleeve.

Here is my assistant, again sleeping.
(But he has done a great deal of work lately helping me.)

Here are the arm warmers I made!

My hand modeling the left one.

What could this little detail be at the wrist of the left arm warmer?
(Sorry about the fuzziness. It's hard to hold the camera with one hand while wearing the item being photographed! I need a photographer now.)

Ah, now I can view my watch when I need to do so.
I have several arm warmers made by others which are wonderful and cozy,
but I have found that I would really like to see the time once in a while.
This solves that problem.
This is one of those ideas that came to me as I was creating this.

The thumb hole.

My well used keyboard and one hand all cozy in my new sleeve.
This is what one hand looks like while I am writing this blog.

A great day for crafting.
Again burning the midnight oil, but I think that may be my lot. I am a night owl and love being that!

Have a Happy Tomorrow!

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