Friday, February 11, 2011

Staying in the Garden: 24/365

Flower Yesterday, Butterfly Today

Something about Nature must be inspiring me lately. This evening I chose a project from the Order Lepidoptera. A fancy name for a beautiful insect. Hopefully you will find my specimen up to the name.

This is the pattern I drew.
 Just half, then I cut it out like we do when making valentines so it will be symmetrical.

This reminds me of a Rorschach ink blot.
It is really just the cut out pattern at the top and what is left on the paper on the bottom.
I love the way this looks, so I wanted to show you.

Little butterfly in it's early stages.
The sweater fabric was very limp and needed some stiffening so I machine stitched interfacing to the back along with yellow (regular) felt. I was winging it here, not sure what would work.

The underside showing the felt and my knots from the hand stitching on the front.

The pink felt is the final backing.

Seed beads were an addition to this shy butterfly.
Thought you might like to see my array of beads as I was designing this project.
Putting them in a box lid makes them easy to place on the needle.
I can also see all the colors I have. They look wonderful when they reflect the light and sparkle.

Finished creation.
Now the pink felt is blanket-stitched in place with a bright orange embroidery thread.
Orange seed beads are on the lower wings.
The pink dots on the upper wings are French knots.
If you look closely you can see the red seed beads that have become eyes for my critter.
Butterfly with yesterday's flower. Happy together!

Hope you have a happy weekend.
Go out in Nature.
Don't forget to smell the roses.

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