Saturday, February 26, 2011

CatchUp After Conference! Days 34 through 39!

Hello Again!

 I was incognito for a while, but I'm back. It's good to get into the groove after being away at the convention I attended. It was a great one. Glad I went. Lots of additions to my brain. And of course all those freebies that the vendors give you to take home.

It was in Las Vegas, the 83rd Annual Western Veterinary Conference.

My conference roommate, Patti, and me.
She's on the left, I'm on the right with the hat that says"WOOF".
Happy Campers!

We were spoiled by one vendor in particular who offered mochas and lattes in the afternoon (with fancy designs on top!). Very cool.
So now it's time to show you my projects from this week.
I'm making these brief.
Here goes!

Day 34
21 February, Monday

Flower ingredients before they came together with final needle and thread.

The finished product.

Day 35
22 February, Tuesday

Looks a bit odd, but another flower.

Top view.

Day 36
23 February, Wednesday

Another project from the realm of flora.
This was made from thin strips of the blue sweater that I used for the teacup pincushion.
A better photo follows.

Day 37
24 February, Thursday

My flower garden.
I added some accoutrements to the flowers. Now I have a nosegay.

Before going to the Conference I had to plan for what I would make while away in order to cut sweater pieces, not forget scissors or thread and needles. This is essentially what was left when I returned home. Just thought you might like this behind-the-scenes photo.
Day 38
February 25, Friday

I was feeling very tired, and the best I could do on this day after my return was to clean off my ironing board and my sewing table which were both a bit trashed prior to my trip.



Day 39
February 26, Saturday...Today!

A trip to a couple of thrift stores brought in 2 sweaters, some beads, and 2 needles.
My energy is increasing, but not yet up to speed. But this is my effort for today.

I'm finally caught up. Hooray!
It felt good to keep on track in spite of going to the 4-day conference. I didn't want to lose my momentum, so I accomplished my goal, though I have to admit after coming home and feeling tired from all that brain exercise I had, it was not easy to persevere to complete this. 

I feel good now. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

See you tomorrow!

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