Thursday, April 21, 2011

Needles! : Day 92

This Is For Those Lovers Of Hand Sewing Needles
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I am off on a tangent tonight. Couldn't help myself because of a wonderful thrift store find!
For those of you who are into all manner and size of needles (for sewing everything from those vintage handkerchiefs and dresser cloths to crewel embroidery to the latest of new stitches), here is a healthy dose of all-you-can-take-in needle memorabilia.

When I was at the thrift store I discovered this modest little Zip-lock bag full of needles.
You may not understand this, but I became very excited even before I actually opened it.

As you know, I incorporate manual stitchery into many of my projects.
Needles are vitally important in my work, needless (eek!) to say. Thus a hint of why sewing needles are so important to me and mean so much to me.

You may find that some of these remind you of your grandmother's stash of needles carefully pinned to papers or nestled gently in a needle keep.

Here is the treasure trove of needles that was waiting  JUST for me in the thrift store:

Some on foil papers.
The ones on the far left had orphan sizes added, being too large to fit in the spots allotted to them.
Every needle needs it's special place.
Interesting to note the carefully designed packages.

These are "hosiery mending kits"with silk thread and special sticks that look like book matches which are meant to be moistened and touched to each end of the "run" to stop it.
These I have never seen before.
I'm inclined to think these from the 1940's.

Sweet packaging.
The one on the far right: Queen Royal Silver Ey'd Sharps 5/10 Warranted

Here I opened up the paper cover.
The needles are pinned through a fine muslin fabric.
This is typical of many of the papered needles.
I love this!

Three Woolco needle packages.
These are made by the British Needle Co Ltd, Redditch, England.

I can't get over the sweet packaging!
This is the back of the Crowley's Lion Brand...

...and this is the front.
The one on the far right is also Crowley's but doesn't have the outside cover.

These are so intriguing I needed to share them all!

These are some of my favorites.

The inside, to expose the little wool fabric swatch for the needles.
It's wool because those little vicious moths have found it and started munching!

Another to join the previous one.
More moth holes.
Ah, the vintageness of it all!

Another interesting note:
I checked a website that sells these vintage finds, and though I paid a pittance for these ($1) there is likely about $25-$30 worth of steel and paper! But the joy is in the find, and I'm happy.

Hope you enjoyed at least some of my adventures.
Now I need to start cleaning up these delightful treasures so I can actually use them.

Back to Barn Owl tomorrow.
Come join me!

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