Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time For Celebration: DAY 100!

A Landmark Today!
100 Days of Project-Making.
It Feels Great.

When I started The Sweater Project I had no idea that it would lead me in all the wonderful directions it has. It also doesn't feel like I have been crafting, writing, and photographing for 100 days. It seems like just yesterday I started with trepidation..."What! Me? Write a blog? Eeeekkk."

But here I am, loving every minute of it.

I want to thank those of you who have been following my blog and giving me such great support, comments, suggestions, and friendship. It seems that I have found new friends just through blogging. Not only that, but I have found a community of great crafters who are gratefully sharing their talents and ideas with me. 

Thank you to all of you!
You are most DEAR.

Here is my project for today:

A Wool Dryer Ball

I cut out 3 sections of the sweater fabric.
This I designed after what I called a "Sweater Ball" that I made for my cat last Fall.
(That is the gray ball with the orange ribbon in the photo.)

My Assistant making sure things go smoothly and that no hanging strings go without being grabbed!

 Dryer balls need to be all wool to retain the characteristics of absorbency and of an anti-static nature to fulfill their function (in place of the "dryer sheets" that are the commercial variety and apparently full of not-so-natural qualities and ingredients).
Here is my stash of left over sweater scraps, thread, and ribbons that I have been accumulating.
I needed to sift through this mass to get only the sweater wool pieces for stuffing my ball.

The chosen pieces to use.
(Not including the bunny!)

The 3 sections of the ball are stitched with a small opening in which to place the stuffing pieces.

And of course one of my favorite tools, the Chopstick, to  push the pieces down into the ball and to  even out any lumps.

Here is the stuffed Dryer Ball completed.
Not beautiful, but very functional.

I did throw in one side with the cable stitched part of the sweater.

Here you can see the triangular nature of the Dryer Ball.

I guess now it's time to do laundry!


  1. Love your blog...found it from re-sweater. I have been working with jumpers too ..(have a tab on my blog for some of my projects). Great stuff to work with.
    Thanks for the inspiration to do some more

  2. Hi Michelle!
    I checked out your blog for your Jumper Project (similar names, we must think alike...great minds!). Especially love your pony and the couch pillow. Great work. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Three years later and I'm still using this ball in my dryer! It is a perfect replacement for the "dryer sheets"...and way cheaper. My clean, dry clothes are happy, too!