Monday, April 18, 2011

Cable Purse Completed: Day 90

All Wrapped Up :-]

Today the Cable Purse is ready for her coming out party.

The button loop and the handles needed to be tacked down before stitching in the lining.
Here is the loop with the threads still hanging.

Here is Cable Purse.
She turned out rather well I think.

Loop and button together at last.

Since the loop is somewhat thick I needed to allow for that when I sewed the button to its place.
(I meant to take a photo of that, but couldn't get the angle in the small space.)

Basically the button is placed where I wanted it and a chopstick is placed on top of it between the 2 holes. Then I stitched up through the first hole and brought the thread over the chopstick and down into the second hole. This is repeated a few times, then the thread is knotted. THEN to make a thread shank under the button for the thickness of the loop, I brought the thread between the button and the fabric and circled the thread around the two threads under the button. Now it has a sturdy shank keeping the button up off the fabric. Then the loop can have a place to go.

If this seems a bit unclear, Martha Stewart has great instructions and diagrams for this.
Go HERE to see them.

Two Views of the Inside of the Purse:

Just as a little more information, the dimensions of this bag are as follows:

Width at base: 91/4"
Width at top: 7"
Base to top: 7 1/4"
Strap: 12" drop
(Thought you might like to know.)

To tell you the truth I didn't know what I would do with this sweater collar. In fact I didn't really feel connected to it at all. Now I really like it and think that it made a great little bag.

Hope you like the outcome, too.

Meet me again here tomorrow...

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