Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back To Owl Project: Day 93

Making The Facial Disk

Each phase of making the owl is practice with size, shape, and character of this barn owl.
Tonight I cut out a pattern for the heart-shaped disk that is so typical of this variety of owl.
Also cut a pattern for the beak, and went through some decision-making about the eyes.
(Please return HERE to see barn owl's beginnings if you haven't seen it yet.)

Here is what transpired this evening:

After drawing and cutting out the paper pattern, I chose the soft brown sweater for the edges of the facial disk.

A barn owl's face is light in color except for the brownish edges, so I needed a light piece in addition to the brown one. This will be placed on top of the brown one.

This owl also has some brown areas around the eyes, so I added brown triangles to represent this.
I am testing the buttons that I wanted to use for the eyes.
These are large, black and mottled.

Trying another button. This seems to look more like the photo I have here.
(Without the brown around the eyes...just testing to see what works!)

I like this better.
Here I have just placed the pieces where I want them.

Now the hand-stitching is complete.
This project is one of the reasons I need needles!
All the stitching on this project is by hand.

Up close.
A face that not only a mother could love!
So endearing.

More tomorrow. Perhaps a finished Barn Owl.

Good Night.

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