Friday, April 15, 2011

Fortune Cookies: Day 87

Something Sweet To Eat?

Let's see what today's project brought to life.

This pattern is taken from a Martha Stewart idea (get sidetracked HERE to get the instructions).
A 4 1/2" circle is cut for the fortune cookie.
I didn't want to cut further into a great cocoa brown sweater, so I cut another smaller circle for a second cookie from my scraps.

Close view of the stitching to create the cookie shape.
(In Martha's version she uses felt and glue, but I didn't want to do that.
I just wanted it to be soft.)

And voila!
Two Fortune Cookies

Complete with paper fortunes...

The smaller cookie's words:
"Please don't eat us...we are too cute!"

The larger cookie's fortune:
"Ne'er will you become fatigued...

...from doing a Project A Day!"

I certainly hope this is true.  :-]

A lovely evening to you from me.

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