Monday, April 11, 2011

Great News! My Blog Featured on 365: Day 83

I Am Very Happy About This!

The Sweater Project blog was on Noah Scalin's website on April 9, 2011.
I am very excited about this :-].

Time to celebrate...

Find it HERE to see what I wrote about my reasons for starting this blog!
Noah chose my GREEN CHICKEN PROJECT for the first photo to feature.
She (Green Chicken) is very happy, though shy, about her new "fame".

Though I am flying high about the acknowledgement I must continue my mission...

 Today's project just happened to come to me. I don't know quite why.

Here it is:

The sweater before surgery.

The label, at least for the source.
Label with the fiber content.
(Hard to read, so I will tell you that it is 50/50 Angora/Lambswool)

This is the project.
Really it was just a matter of cutting the very large ribbed and buttoned collar.
This was a day that I needed to keep my neck warm, but didn't want to fiddle with a scarf.
I woke up with a stiff neck 3 days ago, and on today, the 3rd day of pain, I got serious about taking care of it. I wore this for some dog walks and pet visits (my business aside from making projects here).
It was a cozy way to keep my neck happy as much as possible while I was outside.

Many options for how to wear this.
Here the collar is rolled down in thirds instead of in half like the first photo.

Some of the buttons may be left unbuttoned. Very cool look!

The full length of the warmer.
I love all the buttons, and they can be opened up to place around the neck.
It can be buttoned up before putting over your head; there is ample opening for that, too.
Did I mention that this was easy?!
Did I mention that this was simply (and only) a surgery project?!
(All I did was carefully cut the collar off the sweater.)

Does this count as a project?
Of course :-]

A Happy Evening to You.

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  1. I have this same sweater in my inventory, and was thinking the same thing! Great minds think alike ;)