Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Blog Day: Day 101

Many Thanks to Resweater!
My blog was featured on her blog today...
Friday, April 29, 2011

And thank you to all of you who visited here today in response to her post.
I appreciate your comments and support.
It's been a GREAT DAY.

And now, not to forget why I am here...
another project.
My project choice today is inspired by Betz White. This is from her Easy Repurposed Pillows.
Check out the link HERE for details.
This project will be a pillow cover with sweater fabric on the front and a nifty envelope closure on the back using the front of a buttoned flannel shirt. If this doesn't make sense now, it will later.
 This is the flannel shirt I have chosen for the backing which will be the envelope closure that Betz has so brilliantly created with this pillow cover design.
If you look closely you can see the pins that I placed so I know where I need to cut for my pillow.

Here is the sweater I have chosen for the front of the pillow cover.
Remembrances of my Barn Owl!

My pillow form.
It measures 13 1/2" square, so I will cut that measurement from the sweater and from the shirt.

I must carry this project over until tomorrow.
Deciding what to make, finding just the right fabric choices, measuring carefully, and slipping in some viewing of the Royal Wedding was all I could fit in to my day...along with my regular work schedule. Whew! So many important things to do, so little time!

Hope you had a wonderful day, too!


  1. I came over from Resweater, and I love your projects!!!!!

  2. Hi AnnaPK,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy to have you :-]
    Glad you are enjoying it.

  3. Thanks for the happy mention! I can't wait to see your pillow. Great sweater choice! I love cable knits :)

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. And I can't wait to see the pillow. I've seen those in magazines and adore them!

  5. Hi Resweater!
    You deserve a "happy mention"! I have learned so much from you and feel like we're practically neighbors least friends from afar. I am beginning a love affair with cable knits myself, too. Especially this so soft version.

  6. To Ami,
    You must try this one! I had so much fun making it. I finished it and love it. Wish I could send it out so you could feel the softness of it.
    Glad we're blog friends!