Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Scissors Case II: Day 76

The Scissors Must Be Patient!

 This little protective scissors pocket is not yet completed. 
As I go along I think of something else that I want to add to it. 

Here is my project as it is going today:

The completed embroidery with tracing paper still attached.

Outside border of tracing paper removed.

All tracing paper removed.
A little bit tricky to take the paper off, but it worked like a dream to have the outline pattern that I wanted. Fun to stitch over the paper, too!

As I said, I keep thinking of other things I want to add...
This would be great with a lining, so here is the fabric I chose.

Machine stitched cotton fabric to sweater fabric.

Here are the finished outside pieces with a pink button and an embroidery thread fastener.
I could machine sew these together, but I thought of  just one more thing I want to do!

You will need to wait until tomorrow, though, for the final results.
Please be patient!

I started this post on Monday, March 4, 2011, so (again) this counts for Monday.

My Coach turned into a Pumpkin,
my Horses turned into Mice,
and here I am once more.
But now you know this is how I am!

Enjoy your Tuesday,
see you then.

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