Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Scissors Case III: Day 77

Scissors Pocket Completed

And for today, Tuesday, April 5, 2011, the final phase of this project.
My little green-handled scissors have a new home!

Here are the results:

The last photo from yesterday: the 2 pieces ready to hand stitch. 

My scissors superimposed on the finished pouch.
The embroidery is to scale and the exact size of the scissors!

Now you can see the front...
the little scissors making their way into...

...the inside of the pocket.

They are now inside.
The lining fabric is just visible.
A perfect fit.

Thanks to my lion for helping display the project.

Close view.
The embroidery thread fastener is now around the pink button at the top.

And the back in it's simplicity.
I love that blanket stitch!

Another project tomorrow!
Hope to share more with you then.
Have a lovely day.

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