Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day Barn Owl: Day 94

My Barn Owl Is Completed!
Friday, April 22, 2011

Though I wasn't planning this, I think it especially appropriate that my owl is ready to fly on Earth Day.
He and I have enjoyed his phases of growth over the last 3 days of the project, and now he is ready to fledge. In fact he says he might just stay in the neighborhood so we can keep a close relationship.
We are birds of a feather!

NOTE: Again, thanks go to Mossy for the inspiration for my owl.
Though mine is very different from hers, I appreciate her tutorial and all the interesting information that she provided about owls in her blog. HERE is Mossy's blog to see her owls and instructions again. (You will need to scroll down to her blog of April 14, 2011, which is down the page a bit.)

Here are the finishing touches of my little barn owl:

Completed facial disk with right wing completed and left wing prior to the gathering at the top and trimming to make the feathers. This way you can see the shape I used for the wings.

Both wings ready to sew onto the body, and face placed in position.

Barn owl in his temporary "tree".
This is a branch and eucalyptus leaves that I made into a mobile a few years ago. Since I have completed my owl in the dark of night it would have been hard to photograph him in a real tree. 

A profile.
Notice the curved beak. (Mossy made a point of encouraging the beak to be curved at the base--used for disassembling caught prey!)
Side view.
Now you can see the wing at it's best.

The barn owl doesn't have visible tufts on it's head like some of the other owl varieties.
It has quite a smooth head shape.

Ever so cute Barn Owl!

A great adventure the last few days, and now a new member of my animal family.

Hope you have had a very good EARTH DAY!
Keep greening our Planet Earth.


  1. So lovely! I particularly like the wing and body-cable details. Amazing work!

  2. Thank you futuregirl! I'm honored. You are sweet.