Monday, February 28, 2011

Beginning a Green Project: Day 41

A Green Chicken

Burning the midnight oil again. Will have to make this short; it is getting to the witching hour!
(And I want to post this before midnight.)

Here goes:

Today's Ingredients:
One pincushion with needle
One green sweater-fabric chicken, partially stitched
One skein yellow embroidery thread
Two white wings (look hard...they blend into the cutting board)
One wattle
One comb
One pair favorite green-handled scissors
I have only been able to start this project. A great deal of time was given to continuing to organize my sewing space. I'm enjoying that, but still wanted to do my daily project. Hopefully will finish this cute chicken tomorrow.

See you then!
Happy Tuesday to You

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Pincushion and a Teacup: Day 40

Another Cup of Tea

Here is today's project.
I loved making the first pincushion, so I am making another.

Ingredients for pincushion love.
This time I used polyester fiberfill for stuffing.
It makes a nice medium for the pins. They very smoothly slide into their places!

Tea, anyone?
I have heard of green tea, but never blue.
This cushion is made of the same sweater fabric as the first: that intense indigo.
Lemon or sugar?

In addition to my daily project I set up a dowel for my ribbons. They are such a mess trying to keep them organized in a drawer. This is like Ribbon Heaven. I can now see all my colors (even add some in the future) and pull out the amount I need without chasing the spool as it falls on the floor and unwinds with yards and yards to rewind!

Better viewing up close!

And now the drawer that formerly held ALL those spools is now neat with my sequins, beads, and other small items nicely categorized...with labels on the lids, no less.

I didn't plan to do all that organizing today, but I have to say I will be able to function much better with my supplies efficiently in sight and easy to find.

We shall see what tomorrow brings.
Good Night.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

CatchUp After Conference! Days 34 through 39!

Hello Again!

 I was incognito for a while, but I'm back. It's good to get into the groove after being away at the convention I attended. It was a great one. Glad I went. Lots of additions to my brain. And of course all those freebies that the vendors give you to take home.

It was in Las Vegas, the 83rd Annual Western Veterinary Conference.

My conference roommate, Patti, and me.
She's on the left, I'm on the right with the hat that says"WOOF".
Happy Campers!

We were spoiled by one vendor in particular who offered mochas and lattes in the afternoon (with fancy designs on top!). Very cool.
So now it's time to show you my projects from this week.
I'm making these brief.
Here goes!

Day 34
21 February, Monday

Flower ingredients before they came together with final needle and thread.

The finished product.

Day 35
22 February, Tuesday

Looks a bit odd, but another flower.

Top view.

Day 36
23 February, Wednesday

Another project from the realm of flora.
This was made from thin strips of the blue sweater that I used for the teacup pincushion.
A better photo follows.

Day 37
24 February, Thursday

My flower garden.
I added some accoutrements to the flowers. Now I have a nosegay.

Before going to the Conference I had to plan for what I would make while away in order to cut sweater pieces, not forget scissors or thread and needles. This is essentially what was left when I returned home. Just thought you might like this behind-the-scenes photo.
Day 38
February 25, Friday

I was feeling very tired, and the best I could do on this day after my return was to clean off my ironing board and my sewing table which were both a bit trashed prior to my trip.



Day 39
February 26, Saturday...Today!

A trip to a couple of thrift stores brought in 2 sweaters, some beads, and 2 needles.
My energy is increasing, but not yet up to speed. But this is my effort for today.

I'm finally caught up. Hooray!
It felt good to keep on track in spite of going to the 4-day conference. I didn't want to lose my momentum, so I accomplished my goal, though I have to admit after coming home and feeling tired from all that brain exercise I had, it was not easy to persevere to complete this. 

I feel good now. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gathered Flower: 33/365

Short and Sweet

Here is my flower.

Two long rectangles of sweater fabric with a knot for a center.
I love the colors and textures.
My inspiration? From this LINK
by Susan Wasinger.
A fun and easy flower, and it looks great.
Thank you to Susan for a very happy flower!

Close up.
My assistant back at work.
See his new blue tag? He is now microchipped. Good Boy!

This has been a brief blog because I still need to finish packing for my trip.
Remember: I am off to a conference from Monday, February 21 (tomorrow), through Thursday, February 24. I will not be writing my blog, but will be doing my projects faithfully.
When I return I will show my work. See you again on Friday, February 25.

Have a nice week.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pens and Pencils: 32/365

A Pouch for My Writing Sticks

Since I am getting ready to go to a conference I thought it a good idea to make a nice carrying pouch for my pens and pencils. I'm a person who is very particular about my writing devices, so it is only right that they have an appropriate place which is protected as well as easy to find in my stash of papers that I will be carrying around with me.

Here's what I made this evening:

This is/was a yellow skirt that I absconded with from the thrift store, along with the sweaters, on a recent foraging journey.
Here you see the skirt surgery...a long rectange was cut from the hemline.

Several of the steps were skipped here. You will have to use your imagination (or you can always ask me questions about my projects!).
Here is my inside-out pouch ready to sew the side seams.

And, voila, the pouch is magically already finished.
I, again, became carried away and forgot to take more photos.
Pens and pencils waiting patiently to try out their new home.

"Oh, yes", they say, "it is very cozy in here!"

Detail of blue and yellow buttons with their adjoining loops.

The skirt fabric is very know how I love soft.
I am thinking about the materials and supplies I need to take with me on my trip in order to keep up my daily projects. 
Any suggestions?

Three more hours of evening.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Pair of Arm Warmers: 31/365

Purple Ones This Time
Please don't miss my note at the end of this blog!**

The finished product.
Cart before the horse this time.
These were made from a sweater with very full arms. I didn't want to  take in the seams so decided to leave them loose and add an adjustment for tightening or making them looser to fit over other layers of clothing.

Here is that adjustment ribbon.

Showing the basting of the ribbon on the right.
The tied ribbon on the left.

Where you see the pink button was a hole in the sweater! The button matched the bird applique.

The inside edge of the top: the turned hem and the gathered portion.

This is the opposite arm warmer showing that same bird applique. No hole here, but I wanted to add another button, so a yellow one was chosen.
The original sweater.
It has lots of appliques on it.

Nice little flowers. Very delicate.

These arm warmers are truly warm. They are very needed on a night like we are having...
pouring rain right now!
Wishing you a nice evening.

**A Note Regarding Next Week:
I will be attending a conference from Monday, 21 February, through Thursday, 24 February.
Though I will continue to make projects each day while away I will not be able to post a blog, as there will be sessions, meetings, and dinners to attend. Look for catch up time in the following week to update you with my project meanderings.

I will miss you, but I'll be back!!

Nevertheless I will have posts for the next 2 days, for Saturday and Sunday!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Teacups And Pincushions: 30/365

Have a Cup of Tea While You Read Today's Blog

I've been wanting to try this project for a long time. It went very smoothly, as if I had been thinking about it for that long time!
I have seen some pincushions similar to this, but there was no pattern or instruction for what you see here, so it is my creation.

The strip of fabric from the Sweater Purse project that I didn't use is now slated for use here.
It has been rolled up and looks like a little biscuit.

The ingredients for this project:
1. Rolled biscuit
2. Small teacup
3. Bright blue felted sweater piece

A funny looking little blue ghost!
The biscuit is inside to make the padding for...

...the finished teacup pincushion.
The sweater fabric is the same shade as the color of the bird's wings.

Top view.
The fancy pins I made using beads and long stainless steel straight pins.

Ribbon for an additional detail.

Tomorrow is Friday. Hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

29/365: So Square

Something Simple 

Just a delicate box.
The ivory sweater was a thickly felted one, so was a good candidate for  this project. It holds it's shape well. The flower is made from narrow ribbing, basted and gathered together to create the variety you see here. The embroidery thread used for basting is tied, not trimmed, for a gentle detail.

The inside.
Bows are popular today.

Seams were stitched so they show on the outside.

This was a simple project, yet turned out nicely. Hope you like it!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bunnykins: 28/365

You'll Love This...

Another fun project, the tutorial courtesty Betz White. I love her designs. 
You may have already guessed this. Here is the tutorial from her website/blog.

Ready to cut out the sweater ears.
My favorite purse sweater fabric is quickly disappearing!

Bunny is cut out, stitched, and ready to turn to the right side.
What are those 2 little nubbins on top of his head?...

...the ears, of course! Hmmm, I think this is bunny getting ready to hop out of his skin.

Turned, but not yet stuffed.

The finished Bunnykins.

A small rose from WoolnFelt seemed a perfect addition for a tail.

I tried to stay within my 1-hour time allotment, and was close to keeping in that time frame, but just couldn't make it. I just had to finish, though...couldn't help myself.

A Happy Wednesday to You