Thursday, February 3, 2011


Burning the Midnight Oil

OK, so here I am again with my usual Racing To The Finish Line, Cinderella Janda. I didn't have the time during the day to work on the project at hand, so this evening was full with design thoughts on how to complete my drawstring bag. It is getting very exciting now that I see it coming together. Tonight I measured and cut the lining (that great pink plaid skirt), stitched the seams, mitered the corners (both lining and purse body), and stitched the lining in its place by hand. Lots of things accomplished in spite of the short amount of time to get it done by the stroke of midnight. I couldn't help it...REALLY!

The lining is perfect in my estimation. I do love it. The sweater and the skirt pair so well together. And I just received some great flowers that I had ordered from a favorite shop at made from felted wool sweaters, what else! I chose a pink one (or two?) from the bunch I received. You shall see in the photos.

Here is what I did tonight:

Cutting the lining.

Stitching the seams.
My Bernina gets top billing for its wonderful sewing skills and nice humming sounds as it makes it's way across the fabric.

Mitered corners of course, for a little class.

Fitting the lining to the sweater body.

The shades of pink, cocoa, and white make a nice complement to each other.

Hand stitching the lining.

The flowers that are so wonderful and soft from

The pink flowers would make a nice touch to this bag.
Well, the bag is not finished but you can see that I am getting there. I think perhaps that tomorrow may be the big day for the Coming Out Party for my new bag.

Wish me luck!

More tomorrow.

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