Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 18/365

A Much Better Day

Yesterday's negligible progress was not encouraging. And after thinking about the options I had for the drawstring, neither one was viable. The blue cords that I had decided to use have been scrapped as an idea since I didn't have confidence that they would last long being pulled upon to open and close the bag.

HOWEVER, today as I pondered what to do, I discovered an idea in my head that is (once again) brilliant (once again, my word), but which has re-energized this project. This has also allowed it to be progressing wonderfully. 

Here is today's work:

This is the bright idea!
I decided to use the hem of the pink plaid skirt for the drawstring.  It will be much more sturdy and now will allow the skirt fabric to show on the outside, too. 

Cutting the hem.

Getting ready to press the strip for hand stitching.

...but then my assistant thought it needed further inspection. He is just a blur--another action shot.

Finishing the buttonhole slits on the body of the purse.

Now the slits are complete: machine stitching, clipping the slit, turning, and hand stitching to the inside.

The open purse in all it's glory.

The final product.
The skirt hem made a great drawstring.
And the flowers from WoolnFelt add a touch of class.

Hooray! Success!
Lots of thinking and changing of the original pattern from start to finish. It all worked out nicely. I am very happy with my latest project.
Thank you for following me. I learned a great deal and I had very much fun.

And until tomorrow...

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