Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bed Buddy Sweater Tutorial: Day 127

Just a note about yesterday's Scrap Saver's Pincushion Tutorial:
After a very late night writing the post for that project, I tweaked it this morning to make sure the links were correct for the embroidery stitches. If you looked at the blog early this morning and want to do the project I would suggest you reread it to get all my morning adjustments. The late, late nights are not conducive to getting everything as I would like. :-/
Thought you might like to know.

Now down to the business for today...
My Bed Buddy Now Has Its Own Sweater

Many of you may have the "Bed Buddy", that fabric pouch/bag with special grains in it that can be heated in the microwave and put on achy muscles for the relief of pain.

Well, I am one of the lucky owners of one of these. The cover is a small print cotton fabric. Not bad, but tonight I was thinking how much better it could be if it had a cozy sweater cover to make it so much more conducive to those painful parts that you might want to place it upon.

Here is the solution:
A Bed Buddy Cover!

Easy to make, and so much more soothing...along with the warmth, of course.

Instructions Are Here:

Needed supplies for this project:
 Bed Buddy
One Sweater Sleeve (doesn't need to be as long as the pouch)

Sewing Machine, or a hand sewing needle

Note: This is a cover to go over the current one, not a replacement for it.

Pin the sleeve to fit the pouch.
(My sleeve is very large at the shoulder so I tapered it to better fit the Bed Buddy by pinning it first.
If you have a straighter sleeve you may not need to do this step.)

Next step is to cut off the excess, turn the pins perpendicular to the seam line, and use the machine to make the seam. You could also just hand stitch the seam.

The cuff will be the closed end of the cover.
With the cuff portion of the sleeve make another seam just above the ribbing.

Now the cuff may be cut off. (Save for other projects!)
Turn the sleeve right side out.

You may leave the open end with the cut edges as they are since the felted sweater will not fray.
(I did turn the edge under and stitched it down. This sweater is very soft and limp and needed the extra sturdiness.)
Ribbons may be stitched to the open end to secure the Bed Buddy from sliding out.

The finished cover.

Have a Cozy Evening with your Newly-Sweatered Bed Buddy!

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