Thursday, May 19, 2011

Softie Monster: Day 121

A Cross Between Cuddly and Slightly Scary!

Tonight's goal is to start a Softie Monster.
Something to hold tight in the middle of the night when thumps go bump, and slithery sounds sweep across the roof...!!

Here are the beginnings:

I drew this pattern on tracing paper so I could pin it to the sweater fabric.

The chosen sweater: 100% Lambswool.
An Eddie Bauer creation, very thickly felted.
It's about 1/4" thick!

Ready to cut the front section.

Big feet, askew ears, rectangular body.
A shape only a mother could love?...
Not really. I think this will be very lovable. We shall see. 

Here goes the beginning of the left eye.
Backstitch googly stuff and French knots encircling it.
Where this goes, who knows. :-]

Monster is watching you!
Stay tuned for the evolution of Cuddly Monster.

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