Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stitching The Snake: Day 111

Getting Down To Business
For Monday, May 9, 2011

Now it's time to start sewing the Snake sections together.
Here goes!

Reviewing my buttons, I decided to use different ones from last night's proposal.
These orange ones seemed a better choice.

The eyes are stitched on, and now I have also stitched the seam around the mouth and tongue.
The first body section is pinned, ready to be stitched.

And now the next section, the striped sweater sleeve.
Each section is turned inside out and placed inside the previously stitched one. This way the seams are on the outside leaving a more rough appearance. The tutorial for this snake, The Super Sweater Snake!, makes it like this, but if you want you can make it such that the seams are smooth and on the inside instead.

Hard to tell, but I have now pinned the dark purple section inside, getting ready to make the seam.
That's why the inside looks so dark!!

Snake is growing. He now has 3 sections attached, besides his head being finished.
Some tongue, don't you think?

A cute face.
He looks even more endearing in person. Wish you could meet him!

You will see him again tomorrow...a bit more to do to finish the project.


  1. These buttons do look better! and the seams on the outside give extra texture. He's looking very cute

  2. Hi Zennic Designs,
    Glad you like my button choice. Such a cool dude he is becoming. :-]