Friday, May 20, 2011

Monster, Hand-Stitching: Day 122

Stitches, Stitches

Monster Softie is progressing.

The embroidery is a slower process than ultimately putting the pieces together, 
but an interesting part of the project.

This afternoon I made another eye for him and started some detailing of the left ear.
Here are the results:

My Assistant is helping by taking a nap
(so he doesn't get entangled in embroidery floss).
Now you can see Monster with both his eyes!

The right eye is bigger than the left. Planned that way, of course.

This is what I might call the "Winging-It Stitching".
In other words, I will let my hand and fingers do the creating as the stitching progresses.
What comes of it will be a surprise.

Now I am beginning to add some detail to the ear.
I have outlined my future stitching line with the floss, and will now complete the process.
This stitch type is called couching.
HERE is a couching stitch instruction site. Very simple to do.

Here is the work so far.
This is as much as I have time for today.

Up close and personal with the Couching Stitch.

Tomorrow I have some new ideas for the backing piece for Monster...I visited my closest local thrift store this afternoon and they were having a 50% off sale! Lucky me. This is always an opportunity for inspiration and great purchases. Don't miss tomorrow's blog.

See you then.
Have a Happy Weekend.

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