Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kitten Toy: Day 128

Toy For My Assistant!

My kitten wanted to be involved in this project, so I promised him something that would make him happy.
He helped a great deal with the testing phase, as you will see.

Here is the Project For Today:

Katzenberg waiting for his toy.

The simple supplies for tonight's surprise:
One dowel, strips of felted sweater which have been made into cords, and heavy twine.

Already becoming interested before the pieces are put together.

Getting closer...

To make the toy I lined up the cords (none of which are of equal length) so all would be even at one end. I then tied them very tightly to the dowel,wrapping the twine around the cords twice. Pulling it firmly was a must since Katzenberg is rather energetic about playing with his toys! 

He is quite intrigued...and happy...about the outcome. :-]

Now he has progressed to the floor to really get into PLAY MODE.

Thank you, Katzenberg, for all your help.

If he's not too tired from chasing his new toy, he'll be back tomorrow to participate in the next project.

See you then.
Happy Evening!

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