Monday, May 2, 2011

Childhood Memories: Day 104

The Paper Chain...
Now The Sweater Chain.

This particular project will be an on-going one. As I use more sweaters I can add a chain link and thus have a record of each one I have incorporated into a pincushion, bag, stuffed animal, or whatever happens to be the item of the day. 

It has been fun doing this. A small interim adventure!

After cutting the strips and laying them out in the order I wanted to attach them, I pinned them to each other.  
A close view.
All day today I was thinking of how to attach them...different techniques and the effect they might have.

That was my final decision. I used a ribbon needle and made a stitch  down into the lap-over and up again. Then just tied it into an asymmetrical bow.
Very easy, and it gave a little more detail to the chain.

The chain in it's entirety.

Closer, so you can see the ribbons on one end...

...the opposite end...

...and the middle.

The child inside me had a very good time!
Hope you enjoyed my walk down Memory Lane. :-]


  1. Isnt this idea just timeless!! Adding to it as you continue is a great idea, and an extra decoration for any celebration.

  2. Great idea! This would be great for Christmas!

  3. Hi Zennic Designs and AnnaPK!
    Thanks so much for your comments. You make me feel great!

    The chain actually turned out better than my head had conjured up before the project was started and completed. :-]