Sunday, May 8, 2011

Snake: Day 110

A Friendly One!

I have been keeping a printout of a tutorial from Instructables (.com) :-] for making a snake. It is one with an adorable face...and is, of course, most friendly and not at all intimidating.

Here are the beginnings of Snake:

It takes some time to decide which sweaters to use.
The sleeves are the portions used for the project so that there are a number of tubes to stitch together for the length. HERE is the tutorial.

My future snake.
The sections have been cut, arranged, rearranged, and organized in the order I want them. 

Thought you might like to see some sections up close.
[These sweaters have been used in the past!]
Remember...  :-]
Striped Sweater--Eggs Again: Day 80
White Cable Sweater--Earth Day Barn Owl: Day 91, 93, and 94
Green Cable Sweater--Daffodil Pouch: Day 64
                                              --Orange Flower Pouch: Day 65
                                              --Yellow Flower Pouch: Day 66

Can't forget the details:
Love all the colors of buttons. Which to choose?

Hope all of you had a Wonderful Mother's Day!

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