Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Needle Book Beginnings: Day 106

Continuing Pin and Needle Thoughts

As with the Wrist Pincushion of last night, I have been contemplating the idea of making a needle book.
I have several of them that I use most evenings in my sewing, but none that I have made myself.
It's time to buckle down and get one together.

Tonight I thought and measured and cut and pinned.
Here are the pieces that resulted:

The striped sweater piece will be the cover. 
It's 80% Lambs Wool, 20% Nylon and nicely felted.
The pink piece will be the pages. 

That sweater is 100% Merino. A great texture!
Today was not the best for me. Some frustrations hit me rather hard this evening, and I have to say that I am only human and feeling like making this a do-over day. Since that's not possible, and because my projects are sometimes (and mostly) very therapeutic for me, tonight especially I was glad to sit down to think about other things besides my Wednesday.

I actually decided that what I do tonight on this project will be primarily focused on making me feel better. An interesting approach, and quite a good idea.
Therefore, I just rolled with the flow and let this needle book create itself.

I found that free-hand embroidery was the best thing I could do tonight, and amazingly freeing for the day's journeys through those difficulties I encountered. Never thought of it like that. And, in fact, I found the stitching to be easy and most relaxing.

The results:
This will be the first inside page. It will back the front cover.
Lazy daisy, backstitch, and French knots...I never knew they could feel so good!
This is the Neat Side.

This is the Human Side!
Two pages stitched together (by machine) will be the pages to be home for the needles.

I stitched more French knots on the back-facing page. Here, again, is the Human Side.

This Needle Book needs a little more thinking to finish it.
I will update you tomorrow on progress.

Hope your Thursday goes well.


  1. Not only practical, but comes with calming powers!! Hope your fri better! And.. yippee for needlebooks, mine is the only thing keeping my needles from lurking in the carpet and attacking our toes!

  2. Hi Zennic Designs,
    Thanks! Friday is better so far :-]
    I have found some great needlebooks out there in the nether realm of the Internet. Such wonderful inspiration...