Sunday, May 15, 2011

Breathing and Thinking: Day 117

Project Thoughts

I am running out of steam today. 
It seems that I need a day or two...or maybe three... think about what is coming up for project ideas.
I am only human, as you know.

Even just trying to get my head around all the things I've been making for the last
117 Days 
has my head spinning.

The best thing, I believe, is to step back, look at everything, do some analysing, and just appreciate all that has come this way since starting this blog on January 19, 2011!

Everything from stuffed animals (rabbits, owl, snakes) to sewing items (scissors case, pincushions, seam roll) to bags and miscellaneous items. It is boggling my mind.

I have succeeded so far in persevering with my blog in spite of blogger issues (inability to post photos and having down for 24 hours), lapses in thinking up the next project, late night half-open eyes writing at the end of the day, going off on a conference to Las Vegas and a trip to Illinois.
I am going to give myself a slight pat on the back for hanging in there.

Don't get me wrong...I LOVE doing this.
But you know, all things have plateaus, and right now I need to regroup a bit.
Also, DON'T WORRY, I'm not stopping.  I'm only taking some time to think and reconnoiter.

How could I leave you without a photo? Not possible.

Here is a bird I made from an old sock. (The constant recycler am I.)
This I made January, 2009.
You are seeing her in her nest getting ready to lay some eggs.

Best to All!
See you tomorrow.

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