Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Snake On-Going: Day 112

Snake: Continuing It's Progress
For Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tonight seemed a good night to finish this project, but alas, that's not to be quite yet.
There are still things to be done, and I don't want to rush a good thing.
This snake deserves some time to get everything in place.

There is lots of machine stitching in the project.
 I wanted to show you how the sewing looks at the machine. It makes things much easier if your machine has a "free arm" so that the tubes can be put on like a sock on your foot. Then it is easy to stitch around the tube. It can be done without this, but it's a bit trickier. 

Today four sections were added to the Snake, including the tail.
With the tail section I tapered it by sewing a triangle shape prior to stitching it to the last tube.

Here is the opening for stuffing.
Looking at this you may notice that I am human!...I stitched the tail with the wrong side out accidently. (Even the lady who posted the tutorial did the same thing.)

My thought is to figure out how to accommodate this "error" and make it a part of the Snake so it looks like it was meant to be this way. Perhaps some embroidery or other embellishments to mask the
inside-outness of it all. :-/
I will be pondering this for tomorrow's post. Wish me luck.

Actually I think this might even be a good thing. Making a positive change to the pattern. This has possibilities. I love this kind of thing. It's the ME of creating from a new angle.

More tomorrow, as usual.
A Grand Wednesday to You.


  1. Love this little guy! I may have to make some of my draft protectors into snakes :)

  2. Hi Resweater! Great idea. He would be perfect for that.