Friday, May 13, 2011

Finished Snake & Surprises!: Day 114

More Than One Surprise!
For Thursday, May 12, 2011

The First Surprise...

The First Surprise (not just for you, but for me) is that was "down" for maintenance resolution from about 12:00 noon yesterday through at least the small hours of last night into this morning. 
"Ah," you say, "that's why Janda didn't post a blog!" 
Or prior to that you might have said, "Where the heck is The Sweater Project for today?"

I kept checking the site, but to no avail. Nothing could be posted. I believe that this happened to all bloggers who use this site for their words of wisdom and photos. There was nothing I could do but be patient and keep checking for freedom to write.

The time has come, so I am catching you up on my travels for the last day+ in my project-making life.

The Second Surprise...
the one I was actually planning for today...

I wanted to share with you my family's LOVE of toy snakes.
This, of course, keeps with my last few days of snake toy making, so I thought I could sneak it in!
I am presenting to you a photo montage of our snake collection (non-living!).
My sons and I somehow just collected these, though the furry versions are mostly those I have acquired on my own.

I hope you enjoy them.
They are all friendly and not toxic or poisonous.

Warning!  If you don't like rubber snakes, close your eyes for the first 2 photos.

Two rattlesnake types.
Quite sociable and friendly.

These were happy to go outside for a change.
They were thinking of having a cup of was tea time when the photo was shot.

Looks like a rattlesnake, but without the rattles and the intimidating look.
Actually quite a happy face. And cute red tongue.

A wood snake (as in the material it is made from!).
It looks the most real of all the collection.
Once in a while he accidently scares us.

OK, so this is really a dragon, but he would have felt left out if not included.

You can tell this one is happy. Look at that smile.
He eats only avocados and artichokes. I think that's why he is so green.

Funny faces.
These are the jokers of the group.

That's my snake crew.
Now you know how much I love stuffed and toy snakes.
There may be more Sweater Snakes in the future here on this blog...

And Now For Sweater Snake:
Again I would like to acknowledge for the tutorial for this project.
Check it out HERE.

The only thing left to do was to stuff him.
Here you can see the opening with the last bit of stuffing showing before it was stitched together.

The completely finished Snake.
I think he will fit in nicely with the rest of the Snake Bunch.

Close-Ups of Snake:

Face and Tongue

Middle Section

Green tail...the End!

See you later today!!!

Must keep up on my projects. 


  1. He came out great!! What an interesting collection you've got. I am a dragon person myself, so I think he's my favourite!!

  2. Thanks so much, Zennic Designs!
    The dragon is one of my favourites, too. He was a bargain deal at a yard sale for 75 cents.