Wednesday, May 18, 2011

...Who's Got The Button?: Day 120

The Button Completed

Do you remember the child's game, Button, Button, Who's Got The Button?
This project reminds me of that.

As I said yesterday, this was a most fun project. Something new and different.

Here are the final steps to completion:

In order to finish the back of the button I cut a circle of orange felt very slightly smaller than the button.

That piece was whipstitched to the back of it.

The thread was not knotted after the whipstitch. It was then brought up in the center.
Now a loop will be created in order to stitch the button to it's final destination.

The now-famous chopstick is used to gauge a loop size.
Two loops of the thread create the base for the following step, which is to lap the thread through this loop to make a sturdy shank for the button.

Now the loop is reinforced by bringing the thread around and around it.
It now will stand up.

The Back of the Button

The Front of the Button

This was a very satisfying project.
Thank you again to Diane Gilleland of Craftstylish for the tutorial!

Good Evening, All

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