Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rose: Day 105

A Wrist Pincushion
For Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I have been thinking about making a new wrist pincushion for myself so that I can stop impaling my wrist with pins each day/night when I am sewing. Though I have no permanent damage, it would just be nice to be a little more relaxed. It doesn't really hurt much, but I am spending too much time (at least on a subconscious level) planning the target each time I jam a pin into my current wrist-version cushion.

New Wrist Pincushion:

The Sweater: 50% Lambs Wool/40%Angora/10%Nylon
(Very soft and wonderful!)
The cut strip at the bottom is tapered so the Rose "petals" will be graduated from center to outside.

I wrapped a little, then took a stitch or two to secure it. Then more wrap and stitch.
Like a cinnamon roll.

This is the underneath portion.

The top of the rose.

The almost completed underneath.

The finished upper portion.

I wanted this to look more like a flower than a cinnamon roll :-/ so I pinned over the petals and steamed it, hoping that they would curve down and stay put.

Using a small section of the ribbing from the same sweater I made a cover for the elastic that will go around the wrist.
Very Exciting! that I could use my bodkin to turn the cover as well as to pull the elastic through it.
Not too many chances to use this great tool. It has such a great name, it would be lovely to use the word more often!

The finished wrist cuff and the (continuing to dry) Rose.

The steaming process worked!
Now the Rose has dried from getting hot and bothered, and is retaining it's shape.

Original wrist pincushion. Still functional, but inconsistent with protecting my anatomy.

New Rose Wrist Pincushion.

It looks larger here than it actually is in person.
(Goodness it's hard to take an accurate photo using one hand, having few options for the proper angle.)

The Rose needed some focal interest.
Some fancy pins helped quite a bit.

Hope you had a good Tuesday.
See you again tomorrow.

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