Saturday, May 14, 2011

Small Envelope: Day 116

...But Not One To Mail! 

Tonight was one for a small and simple project.
I was running out of steam today after an extended day of adventures, so I needed a Project Breather.
However, not wanting to skip a day in my 365 Mission, I decided to persevere!

Here it is:

I decided to make a Sweater Envelope.
Not sure where this idea came from, but it appeared and I went with the thought.
Here, the pattern is superimposed on the sweater, ready for the cutting process.

Now pinned together for the hand stitching.

Thread colors?
Type of stitch?

The finished product.
I made a running stitch up the sides with a brownish copper colored floss.
The button was stitched with a slightly darker blue floss.

I may use the Envelope to tote my scissors, tape, and pincushion from room to room as I  meander through the house with my various projects, stitching as I go.

Thanks for bearing with me on my Breather Project Day!

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