Monday, March 7, 2011

Ribbons: Day 48

Frequently Used Ribbons Need Resolution!

This is the headline of my news article/blog today. 
As you may remember, a while back I created a "wonderful" array of my ribbons so they would be much more accessible to me when I needed them. 
Ribbons are an often- needed item to add to my projects, which makes the functionality of finding and stringing out the lengths I need very important.

Day 40, the time I created the dowel for the ribbon spools, you may remember.
Here is the photo:

Unfortunately this did not become greatly functional because I had to stand up to pull out , measure, and cut the lengths I needed. This is not a good thing. It made the process cumbersome and unpleasant, though it looked great.

I have been pondering what to do about this ever since I discovered the downside to this arrangement.

Today I have regrouped and come up with this setup thanks to the help of Martha Stewart.
This is what she calls the "Ribbon Organizer".
HERE is the link if you want the little blurb on how to do it.

I have put grommets into the side of a shoe box.
White, green, black, red, gold, silver.
I had all these in my stash of supplies, so why not use a little of each! 

The dowel enters one side of the box and comes out the other side to hold the spools.
This will hold 17 of my ribbon spools of 1/8" width ribbon.

Here are the spools ready to be threaded through those great grommets.

My final project for today.
 I will let you know if this works better.
It looks good, so I hope it functions as well.

The box didn't hold ALL of the spools, but some were duplicate colors.
I may have to make another box for the others.
First I will see how this is working :-].


  1. Thanks, Resweater! it seems to be working well so far. When I had these in a drawer originally they constantly got tangled with each other.

    BTW, I love your blog. Great inspirations and thoughts.

    Best to you!