Saturday, March 12, 2011

Padded Hanger: Day 52

Something Old-Fashioned

The Blanket Project is in the thinking stages and needs to be left to rest for a little while...perhaps a few days. Thus, an interim project for Friday.  

It does seem a bit old-fashioned, but if you have been looking carefully at my photos of sweaters (mostly several weeks ago) you would find that I really like padded hangers for keeping the shoulders and sleeve tops nicely contoured and carefully kept. So I decided to attempt making one myself.

This is a plastic hanger wrapped with quilt batting, ready to be covered.
I placed the wrapped hanger on the sweater fabric and cut one piece, then placed that piece again for the second cut. Now I will seam the top, leaving a small opening for the hook to fit through, and continue stitching over the curved ends with the bottom open. I hand-sewed the bottom seam so I could get a firm fit on the underside of the hanger.
Here is the finished hanger before adding the ribbon bow.
My Assistant wasn't quite happy with the placement and moved it around.
Now the hanger has a bow.
This was the fun part--adding the ribbon detail.
If you look at most traditional padded hangers the ribbon is looped around the hook at the middle,  then brought around the hook and tied in a bow. I didn't know this until I started analysing this. It is really quite dear. This bow was made in the same way.
The final Old-Fashioned Hanger.

Hope you enjoyed your Friday.
I'm playing Cinderella again...let's see if I can get this posted before midnight!