Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cable Pouch: Day 57

Cable, As In Computer.
Not Cable, As In  (Knit) Cable Stitch.

My laptop sleeve being completed, now the cable needs a home. Can't leave home without the cable or I can't keep you up to date with my blogs when I am long gone on my trip.

Today's project took literally 18 minutes to complete.  
That being said, it wasn't the only phase to this pouch. I put my overthinking brain to work since yesterday, having it decide the details of what the pouch process would be. The thinking of this piece took most of the time. My synapses were burning hot and I didn't even (hardly) know it. That's the beauty of enlisting one's brain for the hard work :-].

Here is what I made today:

Laptop cable next to the sweater sleeve used for the pouch.

The stripes in this sweater make cutting a straight line very easy!

I am now calling upon my ribbon box that I made to find just the right color ribbon to gather the top of the pouch and close it to keep the cable secure.
The ribbon is stitched in place at the back of the pouch.
It is placed directly over the seam that I have chosen to keep on the outside instead of hiding it inside.

The completed pouch.

The complete set.

Now I'm ready to travel!

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