Friday, March 25, 2011

Yellow Flower Pouch: Day 66

Third Green Pouch...

It snowed today. Very exciting!

Though this is the third in the Pouch Sequence, each one has been different than the next.
This one has a larger flower than yesterday's, and I will show you the inside details.

Here is today's accomplishment:
(In reverse order!)

The finished pouch.
The flower is bigger than yesterday's and laps over the flap at the top...
an intersting layered effect.
A little fuzzy--apologies!
Note the knot button and buttonhole slit.

Turned inside out.
You can see the lump where the flower has been attached and the way I have secured the knot button.
If you look carefully at the right edge you can see the  running stitch to seam front and back together.
The French knots are a deep purple embroidery thread.

Tomorrow is another day.
I will ponder what to make for Saturday.

A Happy Day to You!

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