Sunday, March 20, 2011

Felting Sweaters: Day 61

Hot-Washing Sweaters:
Today's Project

I spent my project today in the laundry room:
Hot Water
Gentle Soap
Lots of Agitation in the Washer
Sweaters Bundled into Pillowcases

Out came 5 nicely felted sweaters,
One Orange
One Bright Green
One Soft White
One Soft Pink
One Butter Yellow

Today you will need to trust me about this...
I have filled up my photo storage area says Blogger, and I don't have time to do the necessary things to make space. Tomorrow is my day to leave on my trip and I have 2,000 things to do before I leave!!!

I hope to be able to rectify this problem, as you know I post many photos and want to share my projects with you. 

Keep a good thought for me!

See you tomorrow. 
As I have noted before, I plan to continue my 365 while I am away.
Laptop is the first thing in the carry-on bag. :-]

Happy Monday, All

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