Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Picture Day!: Day 56

Catching Up

For those of you with children, do you remember "Picture Day" for your kids at school?
Off to school with nice, squeaky clean clothes, hair neat, shoes not caked with mud. 

But then there were the uncontrollable variables:

1. What manner of dishevelment could occur before the photo moment.
2. The running around crazily on the playground before the photographer's time frame.
3. That oh-so-cute quirky smile that could erupt just as the flash was clicking!
You know who you are (and I love it).
4. And all those other unexpected occurrences!

So the bottom line was that when the photos arrived and your son or daughter brought them home in that big envelope (Package A, B, C, or D...decisions, decisions)...

Ah, those wonderful memories.

And that has something to do with my project for today, as
it is Picture Day for my collected sweaters for felting. 
Sweaters are much more willing to act sophisticated and not make funny faces.
They also don't wear shoes, so no worries about mud.

When I purchase sweaters I want a record of how they looked before the surgery phase. Not only do I want the overall photo, but I want to know the content so I take a shot of the label as well. 

I took these photos today.
Here are some of what I had backlogged for picture taking:

(Each photo of the whole sweater precedes the label with content information.)
Some label photos are a little fuzzy. I did my best :-].

A nice, soft ivory with cable knit detailing.
Merino, cashmere, and angora.
Soft brown mock turtleneck.
Long ribbing at sleeves.

Detail of sleeve.


Another similar color as the last one, but I need more of this.
A turtleneck with simple detailing.
100% Wool.
Really, I need more dark colors. Don't get bored yet!
Merino, cashmere, and some acrylic.
Now for the red sweaters.
This one is well loved, but wants some revamping. It will be great for a  Red Project :-].
I find many of these sweaters made in Hong Kong.
This is the most soft of all, and is lovely. Made of Merino wool, the softest of wools.
This sweater fits me perfectly and I would love to wear it rather than felt it, but it has several catch holes in it. I don't know how to repair this, but would love to have it in my wardrobe!!
100% Extra Fine
Italian Merino Wool
The very best!

Hope you will take a walk down Memory Lane with your children about Picture Day.
I went to dinner with my son this evening and shared some smiles about those days.
Great remembrances!

Enjoy tomorrow.

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