Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Daffodil Pouch Completed: Day 64

Improvising Put To The Test...

Realizing that I didn't bring buttons (oh, heavens!!), and of course choosing a project that needed a button, I was forced to get creative. This was a very good thing, and I believe I will use this idea again because I LOVED it. 

The completed project!
(By the way, PHOTOS today. Hooray!)

Here is the pouch with it's applique.
The hefty green sweater.
The new knot button that I created prior to being stitched.

The pouch with knot button attached and button sitting pretty on top of it's cut buttonhole.

Enjoy the return to photos.
Now you don't have to use your imagination about what I am talking about.
In some way I will catch you up later on the photos from the prior 4 (?) photoless days.

A Vacationer's evening time is limited, so I am a bit more brief than usual.
Had a great drive through very rural territory today. I will throw in a few of those photos as time and inclination grows.

Have a nice evening and happy tomorrow!

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