Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweater Left-Overs: Day 69

Make Up for Return Day from Illinois Trip
Please read the date for this blog as Monday, 28 March 2011

Yesterday was crazy since I needed to finish packing my bags for returning home, check out of the wonderful place I was staying, and take a deep breath before meandering my way back to the Indianapolis International Airport. 
I had a lovely breakfast with my relatives before leaving, and didn't want to interfere with last minute conversations and virtual Memory Lane walks with them.

So I have put off, but not forgotten, to do my blog for yesterday...
I can't help but keep up with my posts!

For Monday's blog I am going to update you on how my Supply Stash fared during the course of my late night sewing and blogging during this last week.

Here goes:

Original orange sweater with all it's parts. :-]
This sweater only lost the wrist ribbing for an orange flower
for one of the Green Pouches.

Original yellow sweater.
My Assistant is showing the space where I cut the Yellow Mitten pattern.
This sweater lost a section for the yellow flower on one of the Green Pouches as well.
Original green sweater.

This one lost the most! All 3 Green Pouches were cut from this.
Also it lost inside seams that were used for the knot buttons.  

This is the mass of embroidery thread, needles, paper patterns and small left-over
sweater pieces in the state that they were brought home.
Definitely a need for reorganizing now that I'm back!

And now the Vacationer is home.
Soon another post...

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