Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Sachet Today: Day 46

Something Very Simple

Saturday, at least this one, needed to be a little more simple as far as my project was concerned. Some tiredness slipped into the picture. My brain said, "Whoa, there!" 
It seemed that I was destined to slow down a bit and create something very down-to-earth.

Here is the rundown of today's work:

The green disk, otherwise known as the sachet insert.
This "flavor" is bayberry from my ancient stash of supplies.

Gray, 100% cashmere sweater square already stitched on the machine.
A little ribbon accoutrement added prior to making the edging seam.

Now stuffed with a ribbon for hanging, if desired.

My Assistant is helping to arrange the sachet for the photos!

A nice addition to a padded satin hanger with one of my favorite sweaters.

More tomorrow...

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